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    Joe Wicks by Hamish Brown
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    Joe Wicks by Hamish Brown
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    Joe Wicks by Hamish Brown
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    Men’s Health

Body Coach Joe Wicks covers Men’s Health

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Joe Wicks by Hamish Brown
Joe Wicks by Hamish Brown

Joe Wicks tells Men’s Health his ambitious plans for the future.

I want to do what Uber has done for travel, and what Airbnb has done for hotels. Spotify has done it for music, Amazon and Netflix have done it for movies. I want to do the same thing for fitness. I want to create somewhere that everybody comes to, a destination.

Body Coach Joe Wicks has just released his latest book, Cooking for Family and Friends, a collection of 100 simple, lean recipes. The book is available from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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