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    Courtney Tulloch by David Goldman
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    Courtney Tulloch by David Goldman
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    Courtney Tulloch by David Goldman

Gymnastics rings master Courtney Tulloch in Jocks & Nerds

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Courtney Tulloch by David Goldman

21-year-old gymnast and two-time winner of the British rings title Courtney Tulloch speaks to Jocks & Nerds Magazine. The images are by photographer David Goldman.

Rings require a much higher level of skill development. You could be the strongest person in the gym, but that doesn’t mean you can master the rings. It’s about making it look easy. If the judges see someone shaking and sweating, that’s not going to leave a good impression. — Courtney Tulloch

Courtney Tulloch by David GoldmanAlthough they’ve been around for 200 years, rings are the latest go-to for those seeking a better way to train. Tools to build mental discipline as much as muscle, they offer everything — apart from quick results. Until recently it was only gymnasts that worked with the rings. Now it’s common to see them at the gym or in the local park, slung over a set of monkey bars or a sturdy tree branch. Previously they were restricted to elite athletes and specialists. Their new converts espouse the philosophy that where there’s gravity, there’s a gym.

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