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How do you photograph men effectively?

in Books/Photography

They make up half the population, yet there’s not much advice on the best techniques for photographing men.

Jeff Rojas’s tips for posing, lighting, and shooting techniques for male portrait and fashion photography.

There are dozens of books, guides, and workshops devoted to posing, styling, and lighting female subjects, but there is very little information on photographing men. That may be because many photographers believe there is little creative freedom when working with male subjects. But a book by photographer Jeff Rojas aims to show you that there is more to photographing men than most photographers realize.

Male portrait sessions can seem simple. Possibly too simple. You book your client or subject’s session. He arrives dressed. You decide how to light him. You decide how to pose him using a handful of ‘go to’ poses. And then the portrait session is over.

Men really do care about their physical appearance. There is a market of young urban men with disposable incomes who are investing in their attire. As this trend continues, photographers will find more and more male subjects who are wanting to be styled for portrait sessions or who are generally just interested in having their portraits taken.

The concepts presented in Jeff’s book are intended to broaden your expertise in the realm of men’s portrait, commercial, and fashion photography. It explains how best to define every subject’s features, including face shapes, body shapes, and how to compensate for perceived flaws. Then it dives into the art of posing men, so that your clients look natural, masculine, and confident. It tackles a variety of lighting techniques for portraits, commercial, and fashion images. Finally, it discusses post-production techniques to complement every man’s features.

Photographing Men: Posing, Lighting, and Shooting Techniques for Portrait and Fashion Photography is available now from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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