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Jason Statham talks about fitness after 50

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In British Men’s Health magazine actor Jason Statham shows off his high-intensity calisthenics moves that he uses to build his action hero body.

I’m moving better than I used to. I’m feeling pretty nimble. It’s about the whole thing: training, eating, sleeping… all of those have a massive impact on how you feel. And I’m doing better at all of those things. Sly Stallone’s got 20 years on me and still looks good so he’s part of my inspiration.

In the magazine Jason shows that getting a body this good is down to hard work and putting lock, stock, and two smoking barrels into training.

I have a bit of a gymnastic background from back in the day. A lot of the stuff that’s very beneficial is the muscle-ups and the rotations through the shoulder: hanging upside down, moving around and almost creating a kind of flow. You’re developing strength, but you’re also developing mobility at the same time. A lot of people throw around heavy weights but they don’t take the shoulder joint through its full range of motion, which is a key problem for most guys. That kind of training might be great for that one position, but the shoulder is a complex joint that requires a fair amount of maintenance. The rings are perfect for that.

You can read more at menshealth.co.uk

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