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    Doctor Who and the original Cybermen
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    A Mondasian Cyberman
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    Doctor Who and the original Daleks
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    Doctor Who Series 10

The original Cybermen are returning to Doctor Who

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The classic version of the Doctor’s deadly enemies come from Earth’s twin planet Mondas and have not been seen on the show for over fifty years.

Following on from his encounter with the original Daleks,  twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi finally meets his all-time favorite foe – the original ‘Mondasian’ Cybermen. More low-tech than recent versions, the original Cybermen had cloth faces and bodies, and were notable for their chilling sing-song voices.

The original Cybermen
The original Cybermen

A Mondasian Cyberman can be glimpsed briefly towards the end of the trailer for series 10, which begins on Saturday 15 April.

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