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When does Third Space’s new City gym open?

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The opening date of the Third Space City Club has been put back to Monday 13th August. The fifth gym from luxury fitness group, located near the Tower of London, will be opening nearly two and a half months later than initially advertised.

Third Space City under construction
Third Space City under construction

This is the group’s first major venture into the heart of the City. It will be in direct competition with several of Virgin Active’s well-established high-end Collection Clubs, as well as smaller boutique gyms such as the recently opened WIT Training at One New Change and the group’s own Another Space studio at Bank.

The club will feature a spa and 20 metre swimming pool ‘illuminated by pillars of light’, an immersive, data-driven cycling studio with industrial turbines, a hot yoga studio, high intensity studio with battle ropes, slam walls and farmers’ carries as well as a large training floor featuring a large multi-function rig built into the building’s structure. (Third Space Canary Wharf members need not feel left behind as they will be getting their own rig when the sports hall is refitted as ‘The Yard’ later this year.)

The gym also will feature a hypoxic chamber similar to the one in Virgin Active’s nearby Walbrook Club. The chamber simulates the effects of training at an altitude of 3,000 metres and is designed to boost endurance, speed and overall performance.

Strength and conditioning, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and mind and body group classes will figure heavily in the club’s offering. Classes already announced include TRX, kettlebells, Tabata, boxing, ‘hardcore’ cycling, as well as Pilates and various yoga classes. Initially, members will not be expected to book classes online as supply is expected to exceed demand until the membership grows.

Each member will receive a bespoke training assessment every six weeks as part of their membership.

BrewDog’s Flagship Tower Hill BrewPub & Restaurant
BrewDog’s Flagship Tower Hill BrewPub & Restaurant

After working out, members who are so inclined can go next door to the first ever BrewDog BrewPub, where they can indulge in a series of unique beers. However, they would be advised to watch their carb consumption if they don’t want to undo all of their hard work!

Towards the end of the year, Third Space will be launching a family-friendly club in the new Islington Square development. This is set to become one of the largest health clubs in London, and from 2019, Third Space plans to open an additional club every year.

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